Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Students in Support to Social Enterprise

On the July 6th, 2012, our organization with students from Tbilisi State University won the contest under the name “Students in Support to Social Enterprise”. The contest was organized by Eurasia Partnership foundation, The Center for Strategic Research and Development of Georgia and British Council.
Our organization with the students from Tbilisi State University developed the business plan which means to establish a social enterprise that will produce the Georgian spice salt Zeskho, and where the people with disabilities will be employed. The income of the social enterprise will be used to help the social integration of people with disabilities. The project will be financed by Eurasia Partnership Foundation.
Social enterprise works with the business principle that has a social mission. It is the organization which uses the innovative business approach to solve the public issues. Social enterprise doesn’t works to increase the income for owners and accomplices, as it happens in business; it reinvests the income into the community or business for achieving its goals.

Considering the conditions of disabled people in Georgia today, when their rights are violated and are not realized, when the environment is almost fully inaccessible, when their integration remains as an issue, one of the biggest problem is their employment. Establishing the social enterprise aimed on their employment and realization of their interests is the step forward.
Students’ involvement in this project has a special importance; this has the double advantage for people with disabilities as well as for students and is the additional support in social integration of people with disabilities.


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